RamCache 0.1.0

I finally finished the initial version of a script for creating a ram disk for Safari and Chrome’s caches on MacOS X: ramcache-0.1.0

After downloading and extracting the source, make install will install the script, ramcache.pl, and the corresponding launch agent.

By default, the ram disks are 64 MB in size, but this can be changed using the -s [size], where the size is specified in MB.  The mounted ram disks can be unmounted using the -u option.

The idea for this script came for a post by QuickSander on MacOS X HintsSee QuickSander, Prevent SSD Wear by Using a RAM Disk Cache, MacOS X Hints (Jan. 4, 2011); see also OS X Daily, Create a RAM Disk in Mac OS X (Mar. 23, 2007); AppleWiki, RAM Disk.

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